Avido Water Purifier



Avido water purifiers are sleek in design and compact in size, making it easy to fit in your home or business without taking up too much space, while providing you and your family with the best quality water. Moreover, by switching to Avido Water Purifiers you will be helping protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic water bottles.

  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • No more heavy lifting
  • Quality water for various needs
  • Low environmental impact
  • High quality filtration

Installation is not included in the price.


Avido Water Purifier

  • Low operating noise level
  • Compact size for better aesthetics in the space
  • Clean and healthy water at 4 temperatures
  • UV lamp for effective sterilization against bacteria
  • Touch panel
  • Lifetime of filters Reminder
  • Automatic energy saving function with light sensor
  • Selection of 3 degree water function
  • Replacement in less than 1 minute
  • Time display
  • Adjustment of hot water from 40 - 94 degrees Celsius
  • Setting for extra hot water (6 degrees hotter than the existing hot water temperatures.
  • When the device is out of order it can save the settings you have set for 1 week
  • American design filters certified by the national sanitary ware

Προηγμένης Τεχνολογίας Επιλογή θερμοκρασίας Νερού (5°C/25°C/45°C/100°C)

Τεχνολογία άμεσης ψύξης με φρέσκο νερό

Ζεστό νερό στην7777 διάθεση σας, όποτε θέλετε με το πάτημα ενός κουμπιού

Εξαγωγή συγκεκριμένου όγκου ποσότητας με το πάτημα ενός κουμπιού

Ειδοποίηση αλλαγής φίλτρου

Αυτοματοποιημένη Αποστείρωση UV

Tap on a button and
discover the function
Multi-Layer temperature water option (5°C/25°C/45°C/100°C)
Direct cooling technology with fresh water
Easy-to choose button for volume extraction (180ml/220ml/1000ml)
Hot water available whenever you want with a simple tap on a button
Filter Change Alert
UV Automated Sterilisation

Multiple temperatures

Multi-Layer temperature water option (5°C/25°C/45°C/100°C) with a touch of a button

UV Sterilisation

UV Automated Sterilisation from inside the tank. Technology for a healthier water quality

Eco Mode

Energy saving mode with 1st grade of energy efficiency rating system

Filter Change

Automated notification for filter change. Filter changing process is simple enough to do yourself

Controlled Quantity

Easy-to choose button for volume extraction (180ml/220ml/1000ml)

Water is an indispensable resource needed to sustain our lives as humans. The importance of water cannot be overemphasized. By using Avido Purifiers you are protecting your family and the environment. Bottled water is exposed to factors that could contaminate it. High temperatures could cause the release of particles from the plastic bottle into the contained water. In addition, again in high temperatures, plastic containers become permeable to certain gases.   With Avido purifiers you also avoid consuming water from bottles, which usually comes from springs watering ecosystems and natural habitats. Using up water from such springs causes serious damage to these systems.

Assured Safety

FDA, WQA, NSF Approved

  • Clean and great-tasting water
  • Contemporary & environmentally friendly design

Specs and Technical

General Information
PT-1388 UF Purifier-I
Heating and Cooling Technology
Tank Heating&Cooling
Color option
White & Black
(220-240V 、50Hz)/ (115V 、60Hz)
Total 590W
Heating:500W Cooling:90W
Tank capacity
2.5L(1.5L cold tank;1.0L hot tank)
Purification System
1st :PAC- (Sediment + Pre-Carbon Fiber)
2nd:UF Membrane /Alkaline (UFMembrane+Carbon)/ Option for Alkaline Filter
Cooling Performance
≥3L/H ≤10℃
Heating Performance
5L/H ≥85℃
Machine Net Size (D*H*W)mm
447(D) * 392(H) * 185(W)
Package Size (D*H*W)mm
447(D) * 419(H) * 212(W)
Machine N.W (KGS)
Machine G.W (KGS)